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They are the resources used by tasks through SrlApi.


multi reader fifos

Special kind of fifos where any number of producers and readers may be "connected". This fifos provides the following features:

  • Transfers are done in indivisible blocks of contiguous data
  • Read/Write? operations are done in packets of one or more blocks
  • Blocks may be read/written in between of others, even in one write operation
  • Blocks always arrive in order (even if not contiguous because of preceding point)

fifo1 = Mwmr("first_fifo",
             4, # Width, in 32-bit words, this is block size
             64) # Depth, in number of blocks


Simple mutex, implemented through spin locks.

lock1 = Lock("first_lock")


Synchronization point between tasks. All tasks connected to a barrier must wait for it before going any further.

barr = Barrier("sync")


Shared (or not) memory declaration, may be used to have global memory space shared between tasks.

memsp = Memspace("mem_name", 32768)


Constant integer values.

cex = Const(1)