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First step

Create your python-based soc description, you'll need dsx and SocLib modules:

from dsx import *
from soclib import *

Always import those two modules in this order or you'll experience some strange import failures.

Task declaration

Then declare some tasks. See DsxTaskModel, DsxTasks, SrlApi


Now you can create a Task and Control Graph. See DsxTcg.

Posix Test

Now create a posix version of your application

px = Posix()



Compile, test, debug

See DsxPosix.

Create your SoC

See SocCreation?.


See DsxMapping.

Compile the simulator, …

muteks = MutekS()
caba = Caba()
mapper.generate( muteks, caba )

TopMakefile( muteks, caba )

Run, debug

You may change some flags about MutekS.

You're on your own, use CabaSimulatorFlags, maybe use GtkWave?.